About Our Mushroom Tinctures

How Our Tinctures Are Made

We use only high-quality fruiting bodies grown at the Fat Fox farm in London, except for our chaga, which is harvested from our forest in Central Finland. Our mushrooms mature slowly on natural wood-based substrates and are picked when they are fully developed.

Our thorough dual extraction process involves heating the dehydrated and finely ground fruit bodies in water, followed by soaking them in alcohol to ensure the final product is shelf-stable. Additionally, we use an ultrasonic extractor to maximise the extraction of beneficial compounds by breaking down cell walls with mechanical vibrations.

How We Grow Our Mushrooms

Our mushrooms are cultivated on peat-free natural substrates, each specifically tailored to different species for optimal growth. About 94% of our growing mediums are derived from by-products of other industries.

This includes PEFC-certified hardwood briquettes made from sawdust at a single-site sawmill, adhering to HACCP food safety standards. We also incorporate straw stems from British grain harvests and soya hull pellets. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a globally recognised non-profit dedicated to promoting transparency in the wood-based product industry. By choosing PEFC-certified materials, we support sustainably managed forests.

Although our substrates aren't yet organic certified, we have sourced the highest quality, sustainably produced materials. Obtaining organic certification for some materials has been challenging due to availability and cost. For instance, organic soya hull pellets are difficult to source or prohibitively expensive, and organic straw often contains fungicides that impede mushroom growth. Wood, being non-agricultural, cannot be organically certified, but we ensure our wood is free from additives for a pure growing environment.

If you know of any sources for certified organic substrates which are suitable for growing mushrooms, please get in touch -we'd love to hear from you!