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Shiitake Dual Extract

Shiitake Dual Extract

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50ml Shiitake Dual Extract Tincture – approx 30 - 50 day supply

Our Shiitake Extract uses only 100% quality fruiting bodies which are grown here at the Fat Fox Mushrooms farm in the UK. We allow the mushrooms mature slowly on natural wood-based substrates and harvest them when they are fully developed.

We carry out a meticulous ‘dual extraction’ process by heating the dehydrated and finely ground fruit body in water, then soaking in alcohol, which also renders the final product shelf stable. In addition, we use an ultrasonic extractor to maximise the extraction of all beneficial compounds.

We bottle our product ourselves meaning that every part of this process is carried out with rigorous attention to detail to ensure a high-quality end product. Each 50ml bottle is made with 80g of fresh mushroom and contains 30-50 doses.

Take half a pipette (10-15 drops) of each extract 1-2 times daily in any hot or cold liquid such as tea, coffee, juice or water.

Refill - Save When You Subscribe!

For those who take supplement daily, subscribe and you'll receive your tincture in a reusable glass bottle with your first shipment. Thereafter you'll receive a monthly refill pack of extract that reduces packaging by 85%.

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